Finding hope and healing shouldn't have to be hard. 

Strategies and resources to help you heal through brokenness of every kind.

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A community for the woman who wants to be hopeful.

No matter where you are in your healing journey, Broken Crayons has an option for you.

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Learn about strategies and resources for healing spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

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From depression to anxiety, explore devotionals and guides to help you heal and grow.

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A digital monthly subscription teaching women how to practice healthy spiritual consistency. 

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Learn our 5 Tips to Transitioning Toxic Community and what scripture has to say about it.

Hi, I'm Toni!


I've been using my voice to help women know that they don't have to heal on their own for the last 5 years. Sign up for our FB Group to join the community.


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Course Journal

"Today I woke up sad. So I kneel down and said, "God I refuse to live by what I feel. Then I open my journal on page 21 and read the letter. in 18 minutes my prospective changed."


Hopeful Woman Course 

"I'm digging in on story mapping and whew! It's bringing up the feels! Realizing how much from late childhood plays into today too. This is good but hard."


Community Call

"I didn't realize how much I need this - especially the community piece. You amazing women had me in tears and inspired with your honesty. We're better together."


Are you ready to dive into a 6-month course to find healing and hope? 


You don't have to process through brokenness alone or unsure. This course is designed to guide you through a roadmap of steps from finding counseling, transitioning toxic community, to identifying childhood wounds. Sign up below to be the first to know when the course opens again!

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Overcomer Devotional

"This devo was the wakeup call I was looking for in helping me further understand my recent experience with anxiety. Having hidden these broken places, I felt like I was getting love/support from a friend on how to get to a healthy place. It was refreshing to have the hard stuff not feel so heavy, but reflective. As a cynical woman with too many distractions, I became more hopeful"


Hopeful Woman Course

"I knew I needed help. But I didn't know where to turn. Then I found this safe, loving and faith-building community and through God's grace my hearts joy and hope have been restored."


Online Challenge Event

"Just when I thought that the challenge couldn't get any better, last night left me without words. Hope through Jesus is here to stay, ya'll!!!"


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