We equip women with resources and strategy to overcome brokenness and find healing and hope.


 We help women who feel stuck in valleys of despair, regain hope and strength in their God-given identity.

We've never claimed to be the experts in healing and hope, but we will always try our best to walk closely with women through the painful journey of healing and finding hope again. Whether its divorce, abuse, church hurt, loss, grief or anxiety and depression. Our focus is connecting women to resources that will make the healing journey that much easier while providing community that break cycles of shame and isolation. 

So grateful for God allowing me to stumble upon this amazing group of women!!!


Annette G

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 We believe that there's a roadmap to healing and hope.

Our hope is that we would be helpful to women who feel helpless. We want to partner with Jesus through the power that raised Him from the dead to make the non-linear healing journey full of redemption and hope. We want to bring light to situations and relationships that may feel completely dark. And with 2 course groups, 2 published devotionals, thousands of women in our private group and over 16,000 women subscribed to our content--we believe we can do it.


We believe the world has lied to us. It’s planted a narrative deep in our feminine hearts that perfection is the gatekeeper to action, success and influence. And that our brokenness somehow discounts us. That's not true. 

We know that there are other women out there who are in valleys thinking that their brokenness discounts them. When there are stories all throughout the bible, showing broken people, broken women that God empowers to do life-changing, world-shaking things. We want that truth to be told to as many women as possible.

Our hope is that in a world that says we have to be perfect to be used, we’d all walk boldly in the truth that God will use us right in the middle of our mess. No matter what your story of brokenness is, if you're reading this, God Still has an incredible plan for you. For all of us.


"I really did believe that I had too much brokenness for God to use me.

The smile on my face in this picture had completely disappeared. The weight of  abuse, church hurt, manipulation, childhood wounds, an eating disorder, drugs and alcohol and depression had formed a cloud that was so dark and so thick I felt like I couldn't see or trust God anymore. I really did believe that I had too much brokenness for God to use me. Little did I know He saw me clearly and not only was His plan to heal me from the valleys of brokenness I was in, but to use it to help create roadmaps, strategies and resources to help His daughters find mountains of hope too. Broken Crayons Still Color isn't just some cute slogan, it's truth. God made this beautiful organization out of my most painfully broken parts of my story and I can't wait to see what He does with yours. 


-Toni Collier